Senate District 34 Map (PDF)

The Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party today is the Minnesota arm of the national Democratic Party, the oldest political party in the world. Its history is distinctive, however, because it also has its roots in third-party protest movements. The DFL came into being in its modern form when the Minnesota Democratic and Farmer-Labor parties merged in April 1944.

We in the SD34 DFL believe we should be working towards developing good public policy that:

  • Benefits education at all levels
  • Creates a more equitable health program for all our citizens
  • Provides the economic resources to create good jobs in Minnesota
  • Assists the communities in SD 34 in moving forward
  • Improves transportation and other necessary infrastructure and
  • Addresses fairness in taxation

For more information about the SD34 DFL, or to become involved in working for a better Minnesota, please feel free to contact:

Nancy Meyerhoff, Chair
Kevin Anderson, Vice Chair

Email us at