June DFL Links Topic – Impartial Courts

Joint Meeting with the Brooklyns DFL Community

Houlihan’s, 12725 Elm Creek Blvd. Maple Grove, MN

Tuesday, June 22
Dinner – 6 p.m., Program – 7 p.m.
Come early for Happy Hour – 2 for 1 drinks until 6 p.m.

Our featured speaker this month: Kate McBride – Appellate Attorney

Judicial Elections – Maintaining the Impartiality of our Courts
The Recent Supreme Court Decision Giving Corporations Personhood

Special interest groups have been pouring millions of dollars into judicial campaigns in at least a dozen states to get judges elected who agree with their politics or issues. But even though the case that spurred this change occurred in Minnesota, the state’s judicial elections have remained relatively sleepy. But how long will that last? At least one special interest group has said that it intends to unseat a Minnesota Supreme Court Justice. Other groups are making generalized attacks on Minnesota’s well-qualified judiciary.

So what is the solution to keeping our courts untainted by party politics, special interests and money?  A commission led by former Gov. Quie was formed to look at judicial-selection methods. It held public meetings and hearings and sought input from experts across the state.  At the June Maple Grove DFL Links Forum, we will discuss the trend toward politicizing judicial elections, examine the Commission’s recommendations, and explore what we can do.

Currently listed as one of Minnesota’s top 25 appellate practitioners and one of the state’s top 100 women lawyers, Kate McBride has handled numerous appeals in Minnesota, as well as in other state and federal courts.   Kate is past chair of the Minnesota State Bar Association’s appellate practice section and has taught appellate advocacy as an adjunct professor at the University of St. Thomas Law School.  Outside the office, Kate is a board member of the Minnesota Supreme Court Historical Society.  As co-chair of the education committee, she is looking for ways to promote legal literacy among Minnesotans – especially school-age children.

Houlihan’s which provides a private room for our forum requires everyone to order food. Please RSVP soon to John DeSantis so we can reserve the room.

Host:  John DeSantis, john.desantis@charter.net

DFL Links Meeting – Change in Location for March 23rd

For our March DFL Link meeting, we will be changing the location to Houlihan’s restaurant in Maple Grove. We will have a regular schedule of Social Hour at 6pm, Program starting at 7pm. Our guest speaker will be Wyman Spano, a founder of Politics in Minnesota and Director of the Public Service Graduate program at University of Minnesota-Duluth.

Houlihan’s Restaurant
12725 Elm Creek Blvd.
Maple Grove, MN 55311

Convention Results

Several people were elected to positions within the Senate District DFL the past week.

Chair – Kyle Tonn
Associate Chair – Laura Lovdahl
Secretary – Karl Reinhard
Treasurer – Lee Carlson
Affirmative Action Officer – Emilio Lazarin

In addition, SD32 elected delegates to the Congressional District and State Conventions. The results are listed below.

Uncommited / Education – 4 delegates
Uncommitted / Labor – 2 delegates
Uncommitted / Jobs / Healthcare – 3.5 delegates
Rybak / Education – 2 delegates
Rybak / Hackett – 2 delegates
Uncommitted / Hackett –  2 delegates